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Therapy for Young Adults

Young Adult Counseling in San Rafael, CA

More and more, there is a recognition of the immense transition that happens in the late teens and twenties.  It is a time of “feeling in between” – when the struggles of adolescence are fading and adult responsibility is beginning, all while the brain is reaching its full maturity.   It is at this stage when we leave our family of origin, sometimes in fits and starts, and seek out our identity as adults deciding who we will love, what work will we do, and what will be our identity outside our childhood home and community.  

Sometimes the young adult can feel overwhelmed with choices and reach for the security of what is known - the home.  This can lead her/him to delay creating a healthy independent adult life.  Sometimes the young adult can launch but still feel disappointment that the promises of adulthood are still somehow out of reach.  These are struggles that we can help you with.  The heart of our work is to help you know and trust your deepest feelings, bring new and healthy thinking towards past traumas, and learn skills to help you manage daily living that result in an emotionally authentic life.  When you become more intimate and present with yourself, you become more intimate and authentic with others.  Individual therapy for the young adult can be an opportunity to learn and grow, to reconnect with your deeper, truer self, and to make mindful changes to improve your life.


How Individual Therapy Works

We begin our therapeutic work by listening to and understanding your story and the experiences that may have contributed to or created the current situation. Together, we will define the agreed goals of therapy, explore behaviors and thinking/emotional patterns that are destructive, and create a strategy to find the best techniques to help you transform.  Depending on your needs, counseling can be short or long term.  We will listen to you free of judgement and compassionately challenge you when needed.  Therapy will be a safe and supportive place where you can laugh, cry and grow into your better self.

Issues Treated in Individual Therapy for Young Adults

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Non-Verbal, and other Learning Disorders

  • Anxiety/Worry/Panic Attacks

  • Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

  • Drug and Alcohol Concerns

  • Grief/Loss

  • Impulse Control Issues

  • Intimacy and Relationships

  • Managing Difficult Health Issues

  • Mental Illness

  • Phobias and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Professional Career Conflicts

  • Self Harm

  • Social Challenges

  • Sleep Issues

  • Sexual Identity

  • Stress

  • Transitions - College, Leaving Home, Career Building, etc.

  • Trauma

Therapy Services for Young Adults

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