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Therapy for Couples

Couples Counseling in San Rafael, CA

Your relationship with your spouse or significant partner may be the strongest bond that you will develop in your lifetime.  When you experience a loss of connection or trust with your partner, everything else can suffer.  You may feel lonely, depressed, or angry.  You might bring less than your “best self” to your daily interactions.  In therapy we will look at your situation together, define the agreed goals of therapy, explore behaviors and thinking/emotional patterns that are destructive to your relationship, and create a strategy to find the best techniques to improve this important relationship.  We will focus on what is working in the relationship currently and what worked in the past, building on those strengths as well as fostering positive communication that diffuses reactivity, builds responsibility, and deepens intimacy.

For many couples, the goals of counseling are to strengthen and deepen the relationship.  For other couples, the goal may be to end the relationship in the least traumatic way by preserving the integrity of each individual and, when applicable, creating best practices for co-parenting.  Your goals for the future of your relationship is what matters the most in therapy and we will always respect those goals.  Further, we can provide both relationship psychotherapy with you individually, and/or couples counseling with both you and your significant partner.  We have experience working with clients who want support for their heterosexual relationship as well as clients who want support for their same sex relationship.

Relationship Issues Treated in Couples Therapy

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Decreasing Attachment

  • Drug and Alcohol Concerns

  • Grief/Loss

  • Managing Difficult Health Issues/Caregiving of Spouse/Significant Partner

  • Parenting/Co-Parenting Concerns

  • Poor Communication

  • Mental Illness

  • Sexual/Intimacy Dissatisfaction

  • Transitions - Divorce, Moving, New Family Structure, Career, etc.

  • Trauma 

Therapy Services for Couples

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